About Symbiosis Society

We are registered society under the Registration of Society Act, 1860 established on December, 2006 and start to work in the field of social development with special emphasis on agriculture and environment education in rural and urban areas. We are presently looking financial aid for work and development.


 Main Achievements:


The following are the main achievement in selective Various District villages:-

  1. 1. Provided immediate problems based solutions in pests/insects  /diseases/soil health/fertilizers to poor and progressive farmers in selective village of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh by our qualified Agriculture professional.
  2. 2. Developed agro-forestry systems through forest plant nursery technique in some villages, horticulture crop distribution and plantation in need based villages.
  3. 3. Demonstration of Integrated Pest management (IPM) techniques, improved method of irrigation, infrastructure development for food grain storage.
  4. 4. Provided current market information of agriculture (Rabi crop) and allied areas through small computer Notebook connected with internet.


Other Achievements:


  1. 1. Participated in the Market Place Development -2007 organized by World Bank and awarded the finalist of most Innovative idea in the field of sustainable agriculture development.
  2. 2. Future vision for social development
  3. 3. To start and promote seed and plantlet development programme through contract farming system in various region of Allahabad district.
  4. 4. To develop a primary school education programme for beggar and poor children.
  5. 5. To promote IPM (Integrated Pest Management) technique and develop bio-pesticides for promotion of sustainable agriculture development with encourage organic forming.
  6. 6. To produced large scale vermi-composed in village areas, their distribution and used for quantity and quality vegetable production.
  7. 7. To open multichain system based ‘Growth Centre’ at village or development block level for employment and social development in rural and urban areas.  




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