Kesharwani Business Enterprises

We are Kesharwani Business Enterprises is a public sector Agriculture manufacturing, trading, baying and selling product and services based company of India. Our aims to facilitate the rural and urban areas Agricultural based infrastructure through a sustainable, Franchises based Agri-Business for unemployed people by franchise, partnership and multi level network system based business model. Kesharwani Business Enterprises is work not for only profit, a non political and a non government public sector company, it has dedicated to provide public demand business and Agriculture services.

The company is committed and generate toward new business model and services by network of individual and NGO’s group, that will unless nation wide synergies. By company support to new way of Agriculture entrepreneur’s development in the private and public sectors initiative organization in knowledge, creativity, dissemination and live hood solution for rural people of complete India. Kesharwani Business Enterprises provide their services by a network as per local infrastructure availability and public demand.

Now we are doing the given products and services:


  • 1.   Agriculture Consultancy Services
  • 2.   Sustainable Agriculture based Trading of Aromatic, Medicinal and Indian Spices.
  • 3.   Organic Crop Production & Selling
  • 4.   Organic Bio-Pesticide Production & Selling
  • 5.   Organic Fertilizer Production & Selling
  • 6.   General Insurance, Crop Insurance & Life Insurance Services.
  • 7.   Social Business Partnership Schemes
  • 8.   Contract Based Crop Production
  • 9.   Agri-Export
  • 10.  All types of Seeds, Nursery Plants supplier
  • 11.  Solar Product & System Selling
  • 12.  Green House, Poly House, Net House Project


Now we are also initiated to work on Agriculture chemical products (Insecticide, Pesticide & Herbicide) and start Hybrid crop production unit in India. We also work to Agriculture Research and Development (Agriculture instrumentation, Vegetable & Cereals crop Breeding and Production, Beekeeping, Low cost Green house etc).

Agriculture Production, Procurement, Logistic, Marketing, Crop Patterns and Management of Start to End solution of Grower’s give million of rupees in single unit land; We have plan to work Developed and new technology based production that give economic and social benefits to growers, society and our country.

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